Securely share passwords and other important info with your team and clients.

Usernames, passwords, expiration dates, domain names, software licenses and just about anything else.
Backed by Unlock Code Security.

  • Safestacks Collection Screen
  • Safestacks Item Image Screen
  • Safestacks Search Screen
  • Safestacks Unlock Screen
  • Safestacks Manage Collection Screen
  • Safestacks Add Collections Screen
  • Safestacks Item Screen

Keep track of usernames, passwords, employees, contacts, hardware, software, equipment, licenses, dates, leases, contracts, or just about anything else!

  • It's Secure

    Using enterprise-class encryption, your account is encrypted using an Unlock Code that only you know. Not even we can access your sensitive information.

  • It's Fast

    Quickly locate the information you need, all in one place, without fumbling around with sticky notes, Excel files or other inefficient ways of storing it.

  • It's Sharable

    Create an unlimited number of users for colleagues and clients and give them secure access to only the information they need.

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  • Quick Tips: 10 Ways to Improve Time Management

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